We Serve, We Standardize, We Calibrate your equipment with a special care….

Our Mission is to give high quality and accurate Calibration with National/ International Recognition for wide Range of measurement scope with unbroken chain of traceability to National/International Standards.

Our Vision is to provide a quality calibration Service with legally recognized channel.

As per Emirates authority for standardization(UAE Technical Regulation- stated in the Executive Regulation of the legal metrology), it is mandatory to calibrate all Weighing Instruments whether they are put on the markets or prepared for use or under current use, including Weighing instruments used in commercial transactions, medical centers, environmental sectors. And any other weighing instruments whose measurement results would affect the health, safety and rights of individuals and the safety of the environment. Also, as per Dubai Municipality regulation 2/2010, any conforming body those undertakes the calibration services for these instruments are accredited to the ISO/IEC 17025 requirements.